Characters Profile

Anun full view

Name : Anun                                         Level : 3
Age    : 17 years old                             Kin     : Dog
Class : Treasure Hunter

, a young kind-hearted innocent boy. He is not a powerful fighter but still very skillful in many ways. However, he isn’t that standout in public because of his positive view and perspective to the world outside.

He came to Dungeon Island to try to get his family out of the debt that his two brothers caused. By the collecting treasures and fame, he is here to clear the Island.  


Luke profile

Name : Luke                                          Level : 9
Age    : 15 years old                             Kin     : Cat
Class : Scholar

, An elite student of Royal Magician Academy. He is one of the few people who is able to learn all elements at the young age. Being a son of a high ranked governor family with genius talents, he believed he can achieve anything without putting his all.  

He came to Dungeon Island because he wanted to test his skills. Non of the schools of his age seem challenging enough. His father, also in a way, challenged him to complete the Island, saying that he couldn’t do it at his level. Luke gladly accepted the challenge.


Gio profile

Name : Gio                                             Level : 5
Age    : 21 years old                              Kin     : Tiger
Class : Warrior

, a hot-headed young tiger who always give his all for everything he does. He was from an ordinary family on the country side. He often use his muscle instead of logic, but never the less, he is a very responsible guy.  

It’s the family crisis that he came to the Island. His goal is to complete the Island and get the money back to his family and feed his 7 younger brothers. He thought that this is the best way to ease his parents troubles of looking after the family.

Cheria intro

Name : Cheria                                             Level : 15
Age    : 20 years old                                    Kin     : Human
Class : White Mage

a young energetic girl who holds many secret with her smile. She is one of those rare people with talents in both physical and magical strength. However, she prefers to sit back and enjoy the show. This is why she only been using light magic in the field.

She is Luke’s cousin. They are childhood friend. Cheria suited best with Luke because of their magic power level. When she knew that Luke is coming to Dungeon Island, she realized herself new opportunities to toy with Luke’s future friends. So she came, along with her dirty secrets.